Saturday, 21 June 2008

Fashionably Late, and Laziness

As you can probably tell, it is now the tail-end of June, and the eagerly-awaited first issue of Cherrypicked Hands is not yet up. This is because I am lazy. Rest assured, it will be up very soon.

In other laziness-related news, there has been a change to the submission guidelines. This change is this: I will no longer open any attachments.

Like Owen Meany, I will repeat this in capitals: I WILL NO LONGER OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS.

This is because it is too much trouble for me, lazybones that I am, to open these attachments and wait for them to load - especially if somebody submits five poems in five seperate attachments, say. So from now on I will no longer open attachments, and will only read whatever is in the beautiful body of the email. So make the body of your email beautiful, please.

In other laziness-related news, I will no longer be replying to anybody who isn't succesful in getting their submission published. This is extremely rude, I know, and I apologise for this - but I am a busy man, see, and also, as you have probably discovered by now, a lazy man, and unfortunately my laziness is far more important to me than politeness. So I will only reply to you if you are succesful. My usual speed in replying will still apply to succesful submittees because, as I believe I have stated before, I am a fast mover, see.

Anyway, that's all for now, folks. I promise you the first issue should be up by the end of the month.

PS. Billy Joel's "My Life" is a good song, isn't it? I like to sing it to my girlfriend. I hope you do too.


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